Japanese Cuisine, insisting on the use of Hokkaido ingredients
Hokkaido Cuisine Restaurant Suginome

Crab Kaiseki Course (an image)

Warehouse structure restaurant that is unique in Hokkaido

A variety of seasonal dishes to enjoy at a long-standing Hokkaido Cuisine Restaurant

Established in 1963. Sense the long history from the warehouse type soft stone fac,ade built in 1915. The Royal Family and VIPs have been entertained at this restaurant in the past.
A relaxing space of nine Japanese style rooms, decorated to exhibit the culture of Hokkaido.
Enjoy local cuisine courses in a relaxing atmosphere with main dishes made from the freshest seafood caught on the very morning from the nearby ocean.
Recommended courses include the “Rui-be Course,” the “Hokkai Course” and the “Special Suginome Crab Kaiseki Course.”
Sit at the counter if you are dining alone. Seating capacity: 9 private rooms (up to 23 persons) and 8 counter seats

・Hairy Crab “Kegani” Sashimi 3,200 yen+
・Assorted Sashimi 3,500 yen +
・Grilled King Crab 3,000 yen +
・Simmered “Kinki” Big hand thornyhead Fish with tasty sweet soy sauce3,500yen

Private room reproducing the house of the Ainu Tribe

A variety of ala carte dishes that you can eat only in Hokkaido

All menu prices doesn't include tax.
In the case of the room use, 15% service charge will be added to the total and 1,000 yen is received as a room fee.
In the case of the counter seat use, 10% service charge will be added to the total. If you order alacarte, 1,300 yen will be added to the price as amuse and appetizer.